School Memories

PreK - Ms. Dubell
K - Mrs. Gentese
1st - Ms. Ciobin
3rd - Ms. Gober
4th - Ms. Rosser
5th - Ms. Kanas
6th - Mr. Zurka - English , Mr. Allen - Science, Mr. Petras - Math

Junior High
  • Mr. Shanahan, Mr. Arminio - English
  • Mr. Freeman - History
High School
  • Ms. Feingold - Senior English
  • Mr. Sopko - Fresh Science
  • Frau Glowacki - German
  • Mr. Carmello - Art
  • Mrs. Williams - Gym
  • Ms. Sharp - Algebra
  • Mr. Fisher - Physics
  • Ms. Broyer - Chemistry
  • Mr. Jaeger - AP Bio
  • Mr. Sorrano - Bio
  • Mr. Jeski - History/Driver's Ed
  • Mrs. Hart - Programming/PASCAL
  • Mr. Gallo - Electronics


  1. I just tried to recall all mine. Elementary school is easy. Middle school... i have no clue about most of them and high school only the memorable ones. Maybe I should start exporting my memory while it's still there. lol

  2. That's why I posted why I just posted :)

  3. I was thinking about life and this will come out of left field from your perspective but... I respect how you choose to pursue your martial arts career in the past. I find that too many of us never find or overlook our passions in life. Though I am glad you are able to find comfort in your current job, I hope you can return to that passion one day, while balancing all the other important aspects of your life.

  4. Hey...just because you shoot for your dreams and you don't achieve them, it doesn't necessarily mean that it wasn't worth while :)