If I only had one choice of meal a day, it would have to be breakfast.  Ironically, it's the one I skimp on most often.  Anyway, this one is for Connor:

How to cook a hard boiled egg
  1. Get an egg (duh)
  2. Get a pot and fill it with enough water to cover the egg(s)
  3. Put the egg in and bring the water to a boil
  4. (Once boiling) Remove the pot from the burner and let it sit for roughly 10 minutes
  5. Take the egg and put it in cool water.  This makes it easier to peel the shell off
  6. If you want a softer yolk...let it sit for only 8-9 minutes


Video Games revisited

Wow...I am back and posting again.  With all the systems that are out and the vast array of choices people have now a days...it's no wonder people have ADD/ADHD.  There are some good games out today...but I think we really had some quality games back in the day....like:

  • Spiderman
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Streets of Rage (oh yeah) - As a matter of fact...I just downloaded it on the wii
Commodore 64:
  • Leaderboard (Golf)
  • Bruce Lee
  • Super Boulder Dash (great classic)
That's it for now.


Childhood Hero's

Just about everyone growing up looks up to something or someone:

- Spiderman
- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
- Michael Jordan
- Muggsey Bouges
- Bruce Lee
- Carmichael Simon
- Gary Carter


School Memories

PreK - Ms. Dubell
K - Mrs. Gentese
1st - Ms. Ciobin
3rd - Ms. Gober
4th - Ms. Rosser
5th - Ms. Kanas
6th - Mr. Zurka - English , Mr. Allen - Science, Mr. Petras - Math

Junior High
  • Mr. Shanahan, Mr. Arminio - English
  • Mr. Freeman - History
High School
  • Ms. Feingold - Senior English
  • Mr. Sopko - Fresh Science
  • Frau Glowacki - German
  • Mr. Carmello - Art
  • Mrs. Williams - Gym
  • Ms. Sharp - Algebra
  • Mr. Fisher - Physics
  • Ms. Broyer - Chemistry
  • Mr. Jaeger - AP Bio
  • Mr. Sorrano - Bio
  • Mr. Jeski - History/Driver's Ed
  • Mrs. Hart - Programming/PASCAL
  • Mr. Gallo - Electronics


"First" Day of School

Connor started his "first day" of school as a Kindergartner today. I was joking with Shannon that he's in "real school" and not that sissy "private school" (I say that VERY JOKINGLY). She really doesn't like public school, but that's all i knew. Anyway, this is what I remember about school:

  • I went to Washington Elementary School. My grandparents used to walk me everyday.
  • I didn't speak any english going into Pre-K
  • One of my favorites had to be my K teacher Mrs. Gentesse. We hatched eggs into chickens.
  • Connor...your Pre-K teacher's name is Mrs. Herrell and your K teacher is Mrs. Preston.
  • One of my favorite days was the school carnival to raise money for the PTA. I remember winning a goldfish...which at all the other fish in our tank at home.
  • Pizza was always served on wednesdays. I didn't really didn't like it.
  • At lunch/recess, we would always throw the "pinky ball" around the school yard. It wouldn't surprise me if some of them were still stuck up in the gutters on the roof.


Nuggets of wisdom

Life is not always what you expect. Look at what cards are on the table and make do with what you have. Even in good/bad, sickness/health, happy/sad times, always look to a brighter day and keep moving forward.


Childhood memories: School

For some reason, I will more often than not have a dream which puts me back in school...and usually it in the middle of some strange exam and I'll have no idea how to answer the questions. Anyway...it reminded me about putting some stuff down so I don't forget.

K: Mrs. Gentess, Mr. Nuggent (gym...and later my bowling coach)
1st: Ms. Ciobin
3rd: Mrs. Gober
4th: Mrs. Rosser
5th: Mrs. Kanas
6th: Mr. Zurka, Mr. Petras (Math), Mr. Allen (Science), Ms. Chaplin (English)
7-8th: blur...Mr. Arminio (English), Mr. Shanahan (English), Mr. Freedman (History)
UHS: Mr. Jeski (History/Driver's Ed/Bowling Coach), , Ms. Sharp(Math), Ms. Fiengold (English), Mr. Carmello (Art), Frau Glowacki (German), Mr. Gallo (Hobby Electronics), Mrs. Williams (Gym)

What I remember:
  • Playing 4 squares at Central Six was the best.
  • When I went to UHS...I was offered to do a project helping out my old Kindergarten teacher with evening science projects for younger students. Was great!
  • I was fully embarassed by my bowling coach (Mr. Nuggent) by presenting me a trophy in the middle of English Class.
  • I was asleep most of the time as a senior in High School.
  • I remember my friend Jon Zois telling me to stop starring at the cheerleaders during a pep-rally.
  • I kicked some one in the tenders when I was in 1st grade because he wouldn't give me a kickball during recess...I was really quite sorry.
  • I first learned to juggle in High School that in a club that my friend Chris Visco started. His nickname was "Sideshow Bob" because he had hair like the character from the simpsons.
  • I remember my 6th grade music teach took her Guns 'N Roses poster off the wall due to the cussing fiasco on an awards show. They are the reason why awards shows are on a delay today.
  • I won a talent show in high school as a blue belt. I used the music "Workaholic" from 2-Unlimited...so bad. I did double chux back then and attached glow sticks to the end of them. They were so long I knocked my glasses off my face mid performance. Then my friend Tuong Phan (RIP) and I broke boards on Fire. He decided that putting hair spray on his hand was a good idea...it was not.
  • I vividly remember two of my best reports. The first one was a report on cats...I got an A on it...(random memory)...the poem in the back of it was "The Cats of Killkeny". My second fav was a book report on "Farenheit 451". I cut out the shape of a flame on the report cover and then I got a bit more creative. The first idea (dumb) is I untwisted a bare metal paper clip, hung it on my tiny halogen light bulb to get it hot enough to burn the edges of the paper. Unfortunately I didn't realize how hot it would get and burned my fingers in the process...it left an impression on my fingers for like a month. I wised up and then put the paper over the stove and it had a browning effect on the paper (Parental Supervision of course). I came out really well.