"First" Day of School

Connor started his "first day" of school as a Kindergartner today. I was joking with Shannon that he's in "real school" and not that sissy "private school" (I say that VERY JOKINGLY). She really doesn't like public school, but that's all i knew. Anyway, this is what I remember about school:

  • I went to Washington Elementary School. My grandparents used to walk me everyday.
  • I didn't speak any english going into Pre-K
  • One of my favorites had to be my K teacher Mrs. Gentesse. We hatched eggs into chickens.
  • Connor...your Pre-K teacher's name is Mrs. Herrell and your K teacher is Mrs. Preston.
  • One of my favorite days was the school carnival to raise money for the PTA. I remember winning a goldfish...which at all the other fish in our tank at home.
  • Pizza was always served on wednesdays. I didn't really didn't like it.
  • At lunch/recess, we would always throw the "pinky ball" around the school yard. It wouldn't surprise me if some of them were still stuck up in the gutters on the roof.


Nuggets of wisdom

Life is not always what you expect. Look at what cards are on the table and make do with what you have. Even in good/bad, sickness/health, happy/sad times, always look to a brighter day and keep moving forward.