"First" Day of School

Connor started his "first day" of school as a Kindergartner today. I was joking with Shannon that he's in "real school" and not that sissy "private school" (I say that VERY JOKINGLY). She really doesn't like public school, but that's all i knew. Anyway, this is what I remember about school:

  • I went to Washington Elementary School. My grandparents used to walk me everyday.
  • I didn't speak any english going into Pre-K
  • One of my favorites had to be my K teacher Mrs. Gentesse. We hatched eggs into chickens.
  • Connor...your Pre-K teacher's name is Mrs. Herrell and your K teacher is Mrs. Preston.
  • One of my favorite days was the school carnival to raise money for the PTA. I remember winning a goldfish...which at all the other fish in our tank at home.
  • Pizza was always served on wednesdays. I didn't really didn't like it.
  • At lunch/recess, we would always throw the "pinky ball" around the school yard. It wouldn't surprise me if some of them were still stuck up in the gutters on the roof.

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